Resonate Choral Arts

Join us this fall!

There’s still time to sing with us! This fall, Murmuration (our adult women’s choir) will continue our connection and mentorship with Exaltation (our teenage women’s choir from Franklin High School).

Murmuration usually meets from 7:15-8:45pm on Mondays at MCC Portland.
Exaltation usually meets from 3:30-5 at Marshall High School (Franklin’s new home).
Four or five times during the Fall, Murmuration will meet at 5 p.m. at Marshall to eat & rehearse with Exaltation, who will stay late those nights (7:30).

For the fall program, Murmuration will learn 2 pieces, Exaltation will learn 2 pieces, and we’ll learn 2 combined pieces.

In addition, we will create small groups with 6-8 members (half adult/half high-schoolers.) These groups will learn one song & perform together using whatever skills they have (voice, instruments). Our theme is “Experiments in Collaboration”!  [Math = Each member will be learning 5 songs total.]

Here’s our fall schedule of rehearsals and performances:

All singers need to be able to match pitch and hold a harmony part; if you’re not sure about meeting these requirements, please contact our director, Kristin (

Join us by September 21 or 28 at the latest. Hope to see you there!