Resonate Choral Arts

Come to our Singing Party!

15400321_1145493088833373_1117262660280986847_nJanuary 30, 2017; 7:15-9 p.m.
MCC Portland, 2400 NE Broadway

Think you might want to sing with us? Our singing party will be a fun opportunity to sing and socialize, and you’ll get a chance to find out if this is the right choir for you.

This season we’re exploring making connections through curiosity. In light of the difficult political climate, we’ve been posing the following questions:

  1. What question do you wish someone from an older or younger generation would ask you with a curious and open mind? (How would you answer that question?)
  2. What would you like to ask them?
  3. What song would you use to start a conversation about something important to you?

We’ll be using these questions and answers to create a spoken word program, with songs that inspire conversation. Artists include David Bowie & Queen, Hurray for the Riff Raff and Brahms!

Scholarships are given to young women, ages 13-20. To join the choir, you don’t need to read music, just be able to match pitch and hold a harmony part on your own. Come early (6-7 p.m.) for a 5 minute individual session with our director to sort for voice part.

Hope to see you there!