Resonate Choral Arts

Homemade Jams: The Concerts

The culminating events of Homemade Jams will be our concerts: choral arrangements and collaborations with all-local female singer songwriters! These songs include winners of our songwriting contest, and artists presenting at our November Songwriting Workshop.

We’re starting a few community outreach concerts including collaborations with Fighting Pretty and the Wattles Boys and Girls Club.  And we’d love to have you join us for our public performances:

December 2, 7:30 at Artichoke Community Music Anne Weiss will open for us!

and December 9, 2:30 at Curious Comedy Theater. Bevelers will open!

Collaborators include songwriters:  Lee Aulson, Jessa Campbell, Jana Crenshaw, Avery Hill,  Luz Elena Mendoza, Nikole Potulsky, Tehya Reid, Anne Weiss and Ali Wesley; and arrangers: Kristin Gordon George, Ali Ippolito and Rachel Sakry.

Check out our promotional video featuring Tehya Reid!

Hear a little more about Homemade Jams from local songwriters: Jessa Campbell, Jana Crenshaw and Avery Hill.