Resonate Choral Arts

Homemade Jams

Resonate Choral Arts is proud to present Homemade Jams!

Homemade Jams is a three-part project.

The Contest: Local women songwriters submitted 42 original compositions to a panel of choir members who had the pleasure of listening to each of them, and choosing songs for our Fall concert. These songs were arranged by local composers for women’s choir, and will be performed at our fall concerts.

The Workshop: Choir members nominated some of their favorite local artists to lead a songwriting workshop on November 5. Come listen to the wisdom of Luz Elena Mendoza, Lee Aulson and Anne Weiss, and share your song as well!

The Concerts: Resonate will present choral arrangements and collaborations with local female singer songwriters! These songs include winners of our songwriting contest, and artists presenting at our November Songwriting Workshop.

We’re deeply thankful to our generous donors who give to Resonate Choral Arts, Artichoke Community Music and for the additional funding from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art.