Resonate Choral Arts


It was with great enthusiasm that we opened our doors this September, welcoming a concert presentation of Murmuration for a weekend assemblage of guests. As a Humanities organization we are always eager to know of (and support when we can) dynamic and artful groups, and Resonate Arts’ presentation of Murmuration was a delightful discovery for us. This choir brings dedication and artistry to the stage, and what I found so moving about the nature of their work were the touches of deep and true storytelling that filled the presentation: a songspiel of a journey sung with clarity, joy and devotion. It is with an eager anticipation that I await their next offering, because the experience of seeing and hearing the choir is still resonating within me. And isn’t that what Art is all about – that kind of vibration and reaction and change? I highly recommend this group, and can most certainly imagine what a profound difference they will make in the lives of those who sing with them, and those who are being sung to. Brava!
Randall Stuart, Founder & Director |  Cerimon House

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